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18th July 2024
Repair or Replace – New Alloys vs Wheel Refurbishment

After an incident with an errant curb or one of the UKs seemingly unending potholes it can often seem that the only response is to purchase a brand-new replacement alloy wheels to maintain the pristine nature of your premium automotive pride and joy. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be your only choice. Revive! are […]

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11th July 2024
Top 5 car care tips

The expectations we have for our vehicle’s paintwork is often taken beyond the extreme. We want our cars to take months’ worth of wind, rain and road grime without so much as a finger wipe to clean it and yet we still expect them to gleam in the sunshine. These impossibly high standards have led […]

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10th July 2024
Podiums All round for the Jordan brothers

It was certainly an exciting weekend for the Jordan brothers as both Andrew and Bradley took to the track at Anglesey for the Mini Miglia and Mini Se7en S-Class races, both getting the chance to step on the podium at the North Wales track. Andrew had a tremendous start to the weekend with the sun […]

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4th July 2024
Revive! Auto Innovations finalist for SME National Business Award

Revive! are excited to announce that they’ve made the shortlist for the prestigious SME National Business Awards 2024 in the highly competitive Business of the Year (more than 50 employees) category. Revive! have worked tremendously hard over the past 12 months to develop and grow the business to new heights. The company will be competing […]

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4th July 2024
What is a SMART repair?

Being so ingrained in the automotive industry we come across hundreds if not thousands of different acronyms on a daily basis and can often forget that not everybody will instantly understand what we mean when we recite them. For example, we might say “We’ve got a SMART repair on the OSF of a BMW EV […]

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27th June 2024
Coming from Education to SMART Repairer – Here’s what you need to know

Leaving education can be a pretty daunting prospect. Having to enter the job market for the first time, and compete against hundreds of other applicants, many with vastly more job experience and drastically more life experience, it can be overwhelming for many, even those with excellent qualifications. But it can also be a fantastic opportunity […]

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20th June 2024
Leave it to the experts: When T-Cut just won’t cut it

Many enthusiasts when they find a scratch or scuff on their car will be tempted to fix it themselves with a spot of T-Cut rather than shell out on an expensive and possibly unnecessary paint repair. This is because as someone who is interested in cars you feel you must take hold of your independence; […]

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13th June 2024
Can you just fix that scratch/dent/chip? No but Revive! can

It’s a problem many a salesperson has run into on an almost daily basis. You have a customer ready to buy, they’ve test driven the car, negotiated a price you’re both happy with, and even applied for the extended warranty, all that’s left for them to do is sign on the dotted line. Then comes […]

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10th June 2024
Andrew Jordan Thrashes the competition at Thruxton

It was another thrilling weekend of racing in the Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge, held this weekend at the fast-flowing Thruxton Circuit. Revive! sponsored driver Andrew Jordan finally got behind the wheel of his Mini Miglia car for the first time this season with spectacular results. This weekend also saw Andrew’s father and brother behind the […]

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6th June 2024
The average UK vehicle is nine years old, give it a refresh with Revive!

According to current figures there are 41.4 million vehicles on UK roads currently, this ranges from classic automobiles that are dry stored for 11 months of the year all the way through to the latest supermini just rolling out of the showroom into the hands of its first owner. Recent data released from the SMMT […]

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30th May 2024
Tools of the trade – What’s in the back of Revive! vans?

Our IMI accredited technicians work from specially adapted vans that have been fitted out specifically for use as paint and alloy wheel vans respectively. All of our vans have been equipped with the latest technology allowing our technicians to perform industry leading SMART repairs and alloy wheel refurbishments. These professional quality tools and consumables are […]

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23rd May 2024
Repair costs catch young drivers by surprise

For many young people, turning 17 means one thing, driving! The opportunity at freedom, independence, and the open road. But alongside driving comes a long list of costs attributed to it, vast insurance premiums, MOT costs, Road tax, fuel and so much more for a teenagers bank account to take on. Recent figures released by […]

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16th May 2024
Living Life in the grey lane: An investigation into car colour

There is an entire spectrum of car colours owners can choose from, each colour demonstrates an individual’s unique personality and individuality, why is it then that the vast majority of owners decide to go for grey, black or white. Looking out the window on a particularly dreary day in January and you could be forgiven […]

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9th May 2024
How to get the most out of your repair? 

If you have booked your car in for a SMART repair, its certain you are one of the many dedicated car owners out there today, ensuring your car remains in optimum condition is an excellent way to retain the true value of a vehicle, long after your warranty has expired. Maintaining your car through routine […]

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8th May 2024
Revive! hits over 35,000 Trustpilot reviews

Revive! are excited to announce that we have just past 35,000 Trustpilot reviews, a truly impressive feat and we would like to thank the hard work of our specially trained IMI accredited technicians, without their customer service skills and dedication to providing the best possible SMART and alloy wheel repairs we would not have been […]

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7th May 2024
Revive! Aftercare – Top Tips for Maintaining your SMART Repair

Following a Revive! repair it’s always nice to take the time to appreciate the condition of your newly pristine vehicle, just the way you like it. However, there are a number of aftercare dos and don’ts following a repair that must be adhered to, just to ensure your paintwork or alloy wheel repair remains immaculate […]

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25th April 2024
What damage we cover – Part 2 Alloy Wheel Damage

Potholes, sharp curbs, road grit and just generally poor road conditions, we ask a lot of our alloy wheels and still expect them to transport us around the country quickly and smoothly. There are any number of hazards they must withstand, is it any wonder that they become scuffed scraped and scarred over time either […]

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19th April 2024
What damage we cover – Part 1 Body work damage

Working in the SMART repair industry we are inundated with requests for quotes on repairing damaged vehicles, which is good as that’s exactly the business we deal in. However, there are limits to our highly skilled technician’s expertise. We thought it necessary to break down the sort of damage Revive! can help you with and […]

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11th April 2024
Revive! your ULEZ/CAZ non-compliant cars and receive maximum value in return

Since the introduction of multiple Clean Air Zones (CAZ) across major cities in the UK and the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) encircling the capital, many have been left behind feeling unable to afford their older more inefficient models, essentially being priced off the roads due to daily charges for driving these more polluting vehicles. […]

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4th April 2024
Maximise profits through ‘Revived’ cars

There are a range of well-known Dos and Don’ts when it comes to car sales, but you’d be surprised how many cars get advertised that don’t even reach the minimum standards. Of course, you want the car to be clean, tidy and photographed from as many angles as possible in a dry well-lit area. But […]

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2nd April 2024
Andrew Jordan dominates the opening round of Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge

Revive! sponsored driver Andrew Jordan took a dominant victory in both opening rounds of the Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge at Donington Park over the easter weekend. Behind the wheel of his fathers Mini (due to issues with his own Mini Miglia car) Jordan took pole position for both races of the weekend with a qualifying […]

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28th March 2024
Andrew Jordan set to return to Donington Park in season opener of Mini Se7en Challenge

Revive! sponsored driver, Andrew Jordan is set to make his return to Donington Park this weekend for the opening two rounds of the Dunlop Mini Se7en Challenge alongside his brother Bradley. For the first two rounds of the 2024 season, Andrew will be competing in the fully Revive! liveried Mini Se7en racer sporting a 1000cc […]

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19th March 2024
Revive! Stoke recognised as one of the best franchises in the UK

Revive! Stoke owner Scott Gosbell’s decision to relocate his vehicle paint repair firm from London to Staffordshire has proven to be a choice well-made, after his franchise was lauded as one of the best in the country. Revive! Stoke, which operates out of a 50+ UK-wide franchise network, has been recognised as the best franchise […]

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9th November 2023
Revive! smash record as impressive growth continues

 National SMART repair network, Revive! Auto Innovations, posted its strongest ever month of revenue in October 2023, surpassing a record £2M network sales for the first time ever. This represents a 29% increase on 2022 results and continues an extraordinary year for the UK’s largest SMART repair company. Mark Llewellyn, managing director (sales and marketing), […]

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