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Here at Revive!, we provide high-quality, cost-effective car repairs. Our skilled mobile technicians have years of experience in refurbishing scuffed alloy wheels, paintwork scratches, car dents and more, using reliable SMART techniques to get you and your vehicle safely back on the road.

Crucially, what you pay for our paint and alloy repair services will be lower than the prices quoted by conventional body shops. We will fix all damage at a location to suit you and most repairs won’t take any more than a few hours. All we ask is access to a safe working area and an electrical socket. We’ll do the rest.

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Calculating the cost of repairing your car can be just as stressful as the damage itself. Make this process easier by completing the form below, giving as much information as you can. You will have the option to upload photos of the damage, which will help us provide a more accurate quote. Our repairs are affordable, convenient and come with a lifetime ownership guarantee

Contact us today to take advantage of our extensive, UK-wide network of accredited car body and alloy repair specialists.


Complete the form above by selecting the area(s) of damage and uploading images of the damage, one of our agents will then be in touch to give you a free no obligation quote.

Alternatively, you can use our postcode checker on the home page to find the contact details of your local Revive! franchise.

The repair technician will first prepare your car body panel for paintwork, which includes assessing the damage and masking around the damaged area before sanding and priming the panel.

The technician will then mix paint to match the exact colour of your vehicle, ensuring a high-quality finish. A spray gun is used to apply the paint to the damaged area, blending so that the repair is contained to the smallest area possible.

The cost of your repair will depend on the type of damage, as well as the extent of the damage on your vehicle.

If the damage is only surface level then it should come out with a buff and polish. Buffing out scratches is a quicker and cheaper solution than a paint repair but will only work if the damage has not broken the surface of the paint.

On the other hand, if a panel is not only paint damaged but also dented, then body filler may be required to restore the shape of the panel before paint can be applied. This is a more complex and time-consuming repair, and will incur a higher cost as a result.

No matter what your damage, our mobile vehicle repairs will cost less than the prices quoted by conventional body shops.

The time it takes to repair your vehicle will depend on the extent and location of the damage. Typically, alloy wheel repairs take 1-2 hours per wheel, whereas bodywork repairs take 2-3 hours per panel.


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