Longing for the days when your alloy wheels were fresh out of the showroom?

Over time, even the most careful drivers can rack up alloy wheel damage, with potholes, road salt and grime, and kerbing all taking the shine off your car’s pristine wheels. Fortunately, our fully qualified technicians can repair alloy wheels quickly and easily at a time and place to suit you.

At Revive!, we use industry-leading supplies and equipment to provide our customers with a cost-effective solution to alloy wheel refurbishment and we pride ourselves on the high quality of all of our work. Our mobile repairers have years of experience in various types of repairs and refurbishment, and will draw on their considerable knowledge to return your alloy wheels to their pre-damage condition.

Once a suitable repair location has been confirmed, our technicians will travel to you in a specially adapted van to deliver quality mobile alloy wheel repair services at a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop. Kerbed alloy wheels as well as scuffing damage, scratch repairs and minor defects on spokes and rims can all be rectified as part of our standard suite of alloy wheel repairs.

Booking in for alloy wheel repairs can increase your car’s sale value and will also help you to avoid penalties when returning your car to a lease company, so don’t hesitate to request a free quote from us today.



Our expert technicians follow industry guidelines and techniques throughout all aspects of our alloy wheel repair service. In most instances, the damaged area is prepared, sanded down and a layer of special purpose primer is added. The area is then painted, lacquered and left to dry with the aid of Revive!’s mobile equipment.

Generally, wheels are left on the car whilst they are being repaired, however, in some parts of the country, Revive! have specially adapted alloy wheel vans that can safely remove wheels from the car and remove the tyre from the wheel by breaking the bead.

Repairs on standard alloys typically take one hour per wheel and are carried out at a time and place convenient to you. All our technicians need is a safe area to work in and access to an electricity supply.


There is a limit to the extent of damage that Revive! can repair on alloy wheels. Diamond cut alloy wheels and specialist finishes are all part of the usual Revive! service, however, repairs can only be achieved on light to medium cosmetic damage and we cannot rectify any structural damage that may have buckled or distorted the wheel itself.

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• Paint repairs to damaged alloy wheels


• Minor defects on alloy wheel spokes and rims


• Diamond cut alloy wheels


• Specialist finishes

out-of-scope alloy wheel damage icon



• Structural damage to alloy wheels


• Damage that has buckled or distorted the wheel


• Severe kerbing


• Rusting

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Alloy wheel repairs usually take 1-2 hours and can be carried out at your home or workplace. The duration of your repair can be determined as part of your free quote.

Our technicians only require a safe area to work around the vehicle and access to a power supply

Diamond Cut - specialist alloy finish icon


Our highly trained technicians can replicate a variety of specialist alloy finishes including matt, satin, gloss, and shadow chrome.

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Revive! can perform cosmetic repairs on diamond cut alloys by sanding the damaged area and matching our paint to the exact colour of your alloy. Unlike traditional refurbishment companies or body shops, we will have your vehicle ready to collect in just a few hours.


Our alloy wheel repairs are backed by a 12-month warranty (subject to terms).

You can find full details of the Revive! ownership guarantee here.

Having a cosmetic repair completed on your wheel will be significantly cheaper than purchasing a brand new wheel.

It is rare that alloy damage necessitates a new wheel, unless the wheel has suffered structural damage.

Our alloy wheel repairs are cosmetic only. We use an expert colour matched painting process to repair the face of the alloy, which has no impact on the safety of the wheel.

Revive! do not repair wheels that are structurally damaged and therefore unsafe to drive.

No – Revive! only repair the cosmetic appearance of wheels. Any structural damage such as cracking or buckling cannot be repaired on a mobile basis.


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