We hope you are happy with your repair and the customer service you received from us.

For best results and paint finish durability, we highly recommend you follow the aftercare instructions below to keep your vehicle looking great for as long as possible.


  • Do not wash your vehicle for 5-7 days from when the repair was carried out
  • For alloy wheels, tyres should not be changed within 7 days of the repair
  • Avoid applying any kind of overly abrasive contact on the repaired area


See below for full aftercare instructions.

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  • For both bodywork and alloy repairs, do not wash or polish your car for a minimum of 5-7 days from when a repair has been carried out on your vehicle.


  • Please take extra care if the repair has been carried out in cold conditions.


  • Past the initial 5-7 day period, please be aware that the misuse of high-power jet washers or automated car washes can have an aggressive effect on refurbished finishes and can potentially remove the paint surface from wheels, especially around small chips.


  • Applying any form of overly abrasive contact on the repaired area(s) – including the use of chemical cleaning products – can also have a negative effect on your repair.
  • If you have had an alloy wheel repair, tyres should not be changed within 7 days of the repair.


  • If your wheel has been removed during the repair, final wheel nut tightening should be applied following 20 miles of driving as recommended by vehicle manufacturers.


  • After this period, we suggest that refurbished alloy wheels should be cleaned using warm water and a non-abrasive cloth or brush.


  • Following the above advice, we do also recommend that all vehicle paintwork should be cared for in accordance with the guidelines provided in the vehicle manufacturer’s aftercare handbook if it is available.


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