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Alloy Wheels

Just a few years ago alloy wheels were seen as a luxury addition to a vehicle. With new more cost effective ways found to manufacture alloy wheels there has been a significant growth in the number of cars sold with alloy wheels as standard.

As a consequence the Revive! mobile repairer has seen rapid growth in the demand for alloy wheel repairs as more drivers Kerb and damage their alloy wheels.

Scuffs and kerbed alloys are unfortunately part of a driver’s daily battle. Now there is a way to repair minor damage to wheel spokes and rims in a convenient and cost effective manner. Our fully qualified SMART Technicians will carry out alloy wheel refurbishment to the highest standard, ensuring your wheels are looking their best.

Alloy wheel repair will include:

  • Paint repairs to damaged alloy wheels
  • Minor defects repaired on alloy wheel spokes and rims
  • Cosmetic repairs to alloy wheels

Alloy wheel repair will not include:

  • Structural damage to alloy wheels
  • Damage to alloys that has buckled or distorted the wheel