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Revive! repair minor damage to bodywork and alloys at a fraction of the cost of a bodyshop and at a location convenient to you.



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Once you’ve sent us a quote request, we'll be in touch to give you a no obligation quote based on the damage that needs repairing.

When we get the go ahead, our mobile technician will agree a time and place that is convenient to carry out your repair. Most repairs take 2-3 hours so you’ll be back on the road in no time at all. And, following your repair, you'll get a Lifetime Ownership Guarantee.

About Revive! Highlands

Hello, I’m Zander your local Revive! technician. Revive! Are ATA accredited technicians who specialise in vehicle paint repairs. Because I’m mobile, this means I can come out any time of day to a place most convenient to you. You aren’t left without a car for days at a time and you don’t have to worry about dropping off or picking your car up.

With over 9 years experience in the industry and expertise in scratch repairs, interior and glass repairs, I provide the very best in cosmetic paint services and cover the areas of Inverness, Elgin & Nairn.

Bumper Scratch Repairs Highlands

Bumper scratches and scuffs can leave your vehicle looking tired and unsightly. A small collision with another vehicle or a stationary object can all cause cosmetic damage to this area of a vehicle. With most vehicles coming with colour coded bumpers as standard these days, I understand the importance of keeping them looking good. Using the latest techniques, Revive! can match the exact colour and texture of your bumper resulting in  first class results.

Paint Scratch Repairs Highlands

Scratches to door panels can be highly frustrating and are usually a result of carelessness or vandalism. Scratches come in all sizes, from small hairline scratches that cause some damage to the clear coat, to deeper ones that cut deep in to the primer and require more attention.

Wheel Arch & Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Highlands

Wheels are an integral part of a vehicle and an area that receives more abuse than any other part. Ensuring that they are kept in good condition is paramount, protecting against things such as corrosion.

Interior and Glass Repairs Highlands

Windscreen chips these days are commonplace. If left untreated, a chip to the windscreen could lead to it cracking out and ultimately, a complete windscreen replacement… some companies say you can get it done for “FREE” on your comprehensive insurance policy but beware… although it won’t affect your no claims bonus it is STILL a CLAIM and will be logged by Insurance database as a CLAIM and WILL affect your insurance premium if you decide to change insurer for a better deal so pay the small price for its repair and prevent a nasty future surprise ! . We can also repair vehicle interiors cigarette burns; tears in upholstery, scratches to the dashboard all can be repaired to a high standard