25th April 2024

What damage we cover – Part 2 Alloy Wheel Damage

Potholes, sharp curbs, road grit and just generally poor road conditions, we ask a lot of our alloy wheels and still expect them to transport us around the country quickly and smoothly. There are any number of hazards they must withstand, is it any wonder that they become scuffed scraped and scarred over time either by accident or just from everyday wear and tear.

Over time, even the most careful drivers can rack up alloy wheel damage. Fortunately, our fully qualified technicians can repair alloy wheels quickly and easily, at a time and place to suit you. However, there are limits to our technicians’ abilities, in some cases a wheel can be damaged beyond the possibility of repair by Revive! and the wheel must be sent to a specialist. To help you understand the capabilities of a Revive! technician we thought we’d put together this handy breakdown of the damage we cover, and the damage we can’t.

What we cover

Alloy Wheels Damage

Alloy Wheel Repair

Typically, if your wheel has suffered minor scuffing, kerbing or road rash, our expert technicians will prepare the damaged area, sand down the damage till the surface is smooth, then spray a layer of special purpose primer, before painting and lacquering the area using colour matched alloy paint. The wheel is then dried using Revive!’s mobile equipment. Generally, wheels are left on the car whilst they are being repaired, however, in some parts of the country, Revive! have specially adapted alloy wheel vans that can safely remove wheels from the car and remove the tyre from the wheel by breaking the bead.

Diamond Cut Wheels

Diamond cut wheels hanging at Revive! Chester

Diamond cut wheels are notable for their shiny alloy finish, because of this they can cause drivers problems when they become damaged. Like other alloy wheels, those with diamond cut finishes may be scratched and scuffed upon contact with potholes and kerbsides, incurring damage that can prove difficult to fix.

Fortunately, at Revive!, our diamond cut wheel repairs are a fast, hassle-free solution to minor damage and defects that can help you to prolong the life of your distinctive wheels. Our repair processes combine state of the art techniques with leading supplies and equipment to provide you with the very best results.

Specialist Finishes

Specialist finished wheels at Revive! Surrey

These days, specialist alloy wheel finishes are becoming increasingly popular and drivers have more choice than ever before over what type of wheel design to pair with their cars. But alongside such a wide selection of finishes comes an increased demand for maintenance, with bespoke designs and other types of alloy wheel requiring all manner of cosmetic repairs.

Fortunately, at Revive!, we specialise in many areas of alloy wheel refurbishment and pride ourselves on using industry-leading techniques to restore your wheels to their former glory. Our highly trained technicians can apply several specialist finishes, including matt, satin, gloss and shadow chrome to your wheels, alongside offering powder coating, colour change, and diamond cut refurbishment services in certain areas of the country.

What we don’t cover

multi piece wheels

Where our Revive! technicians won’t be able to help is if your wheel has suffered structural damage, or damage that has buckled or distorted the rim, in cases such as this even a specialist wheel repairer may recommend replacing the wheel due to the levels of damage.

Other areas where our technicians won’t be able to help are when a wheel has suffered severe curbing where chunks may have been taken out of the edge of the rim, this is due to the filler not being strong enough to maintain a perfect circle on the edge of the wheel. When the filler is hit again it will simply flake away revealing the original damage to the rim. If a wheel is struggling with rusting or other types of corrosion our technicians also won’t be able to help. This is because while they can sand back the corrosion, they cannot guarantee the rest of the wheel isn’t affected under the surface.

We also cannot repair 2-piece or 3-piece wheels, this is due to the difficulty of separating the wheel rim from the rest of the wheel. To provide full coverage when spraying the wheel, a wheel repair specialist would completely dismantle the wheel to its components to ensure a full layer of paint has been sprayed prior to reassembly.

Booking in for alloy wheel repairs can increase your car’s sale value and will also help you to avoid penalties when returning your car to a lease company, so don’t hesitate to request a free quote from us today.

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