19th April 2024

What damage we cover – Part 1 Body work damage

Working in the SMART repair industry we are inundated with requests for quotes on repairing damaged vehicles, which is good as that’s exactly the business we deal in. However, there are limits to our highly skilled technician’s expertise. We thought it necessary to break down the sort of damage Revive! can help you with and when you would be better off visiting a body shop.

Bumper Scuff Damage

Bumper scuffs

What we cover – Typically bumper scuffs will happen at slow speeds when parking or reversing, these will often occur when the driver has misjudged a corner and accidentally scraped the bumper on a car, wall or other road furniture.

What we don’t cover – Unfortunately we won’t be able to help you if the bumper itself has been damaged, if the structure has been significantly cracked, gouged, split, or detached we will be unable to repair it.

Panel Damage 1

Panel damage

What we cover – We cover a wide range of panel damage including paint blemishes, minor dents and minor scratches, an easy way to cover it would be roughly any damage that might happen in a car park, for example when a door is opened on to your car, a belt or bag is scraped along your paintwork as someone passes or bird droppings that have been left to burn through the paintwork.

What we don’t cover – Unfortunately we aren’t able to repair any damage to the roof or bonnet of a vehicle, this is due to the limited blending opportunities available on such a large flat panel. We also can’t repair any significantly damaged panels, this is due to the limited resources available on a mobile van, with significant dents the panel may need to be pulled or replaced altogether to be fixed.

Vandal Scratch Damage

Vandal scratches

What we cover – If your vehicle has been the victim of a vicious keying attack, we should be able to help you. This will involve sanding back the paint and spraying the affected area. Typically, if you drag your fingernail over the scratch and your finger catches in it, this will be a more significant scratch that will require more attention from our technicians than a minor swirl mark caused in the cleaning process.

What we don’t cover – As previously stated we are unfortunately not able to cover damage to roofs or bonnets. We also won’t be able to cover any significant damage such as heavily dented or broken panels. We also won’t be able to cover any other forms of vandalism such as spray paint, broken glass, or slashed tyres.

In summary

When it comes to bumper scuffs, scratches and scrapes, Revive! are the repairer of choice for leading car manufacturers and dealerships across the UK. Our expert accredited technicians will sand, paint and polish your vehicle using SMART repair techniques to contain the repair to the smallest area possible. All bodywork repairs are guaranteed for your lifetime ownership of the vehicle.

The difficulty is that all damage is different, each scratch is unique making it very difficult to guarantee in a news article if we can or can’t repair it. A typical rule of thumb for a Revive! repair is if the damage occurred at a slow speed in confined conditions, we will probably be able to help, if the damage occurred at road speeds (20mph or above) we would recommend you investigate reputable body shops in your area.

For more information about our services or to get your car revived get in touch with our team, please visit: revive-uk.com/request-a-quote/

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