11th July 2024

Top 5 car care tips

The expectations we have for our vehicle’s paintwork is often taken beyond the extreme. We want our cars to take months’ worth of wind, rain and road grime without so much as a finger wipe to clean it and yet we still expect them to gleam in the sunshine. These impossibly high standards have led to Revive! giving out our top five car care tips to give our cars paintwork a break, a spa treatment and a little massage, to ease those months of abuse away.

  • Consistent washing & car care schedule

Maintaining a consistent washing schedule is a great way to ensure you are keeping up to date with the condition of your car’s bodywork. We aren’t saying you need to be washing your car every day but the more you stay up to date with it the easier and quicker it will be. There are numerous blogs and articles across the internet that will tell you need to use fifteen buckets when you wash your car and only use a specialist high quality car shampoo made by Buddhist monks in the remote rain forests of Peru and costs just £300 for a 25ml bottle, but they are wrong!

Realistically you should only need two buckets to clean your car, one for your clean soapy water, and another to rinse your sponge in, preferably with a grit guard to prevent excess dirt sticking to your sponge. When it comes to car shampoos, any regular off the shelf option will do the job, it will just depend on your paintwork and the results you expect. But you must never use regular dish soap to clean your car, the chemicals in the detergent are too powerful and will inevitably cause more damage to your paint rather than cleaning it.

  • Cleaning Bird Droppings ASAP

We have all been a victim of the dreaded bird droppings, often you may be tempted to leave it till you next wash your car to wipe it off, or letting the rain take care of it. Don’t! Bird droppings contains harmful acids that can etch into the paint leaving a nasty layer of damage, not only that but the grit and seeds in the droppings can actively scratch your paint if left for too long on the surface.

It can be a never-ending battle against the birds to stop them making a mess of your car. While it’s difficult to prevent you can ensure that any bird droppings left on your car are removed as soon as possible. There are many powerful cleaners on the market that not only neutralise the acid but also encase the dirt and grit in a lubricated bubble to prevent damage to your paint. Keeping a bottle of cleaner and a microfibre cloth in your glovebox ensures you are ready for whenever those pesky birds decide to attack.

  • Park considerately

It is always infuriating when an inconsiderate driver has parked far too close to your vehicle, you have to think they either don’t care, or are completely oblivious to the presence of other cars on the road. While it is incredibly annoying for them to do this, Revive! do not condone any revenge or retribution of any kind.

It is also why we recommend parking considerately to not only avoid any door dings or vandalism by annoyed shoppers, but to also ensure you aren’t bashing your own door into the car next to you. If you are very precious about your paint you could consider parking in another area of the car park. Often there are areas which are less populated just because it takes slightly longer to walk to the exit, these are excellent areas to ensure your paints protection.

  • Use a car cover

In the past people would store their cars in a garage, warm, dry and protected from the elements. However, modern cars have quickly outgrown home garages and must be left outside in all weather conditions to take a battering from the wind, rain and sun. Leaving them outside unprotected can result in tree sap, bird droppings and worse, causing damage to paint constantly.

Growing in popularity in recent years have been car covers, these provide a barrier between your paint and the elements preventing damage. There are a variety of options available on the market in a range of prices. Many are waterproof and some are even UV resistant, minimising the damage the Sun’s UV rays can cause to your paint. Covering a car when not in use can not only prevent damage but can also retain the quality of the paint.

  • Get your car Revived!

Revive! are experts in mobile SMART Repair with over 50 franchises across the UK, our IMI accredited technicians work from specially adapted vans and use industry leading supplies and equipment to deliver quality repairs at a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop. When it comes to car body repairs, bumper scuffs, scratches and scrapes, Revive! are the repair specialists of choice for leading car manufacturers and dealerships across the UK.

Our technicians will come to you to repair your vehicle at your home or workplace. We only need a safe area to work around the vehicle and access to a power socket. Using innovative repair techniques and industry-leading products, our technicians are able to repair cosmetic vehicle damage in a matter of hours, not days. You won’t be without your car when you need it most. All of our body work repairs are guaranteed for your lifetime ownership of the vehicle, so you can trust us to restore your car to its former glory. If for whatever reason there is a problem with your repair, we will return to rectify the issue free of charge.

If you are interested in using our car care services, please get in touch with our team now!

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