30th May 2024

Tools of the trade – What’s in the back of Revive! vans?

Our IMI accredited technicians work from specially adapted vans that have been fitted out specifically for use as paint and alloy wheel vans respectively. All of our vans have been equipped with the latest technology allowing our technicians to perform industry leading SMART repairs and alloy wheel refurbishments. These professional quality tools and consumables are specifically chosen for their usability, quality of finish and technician preference.

Revive! Vans

General products

Revive! vans are all fully fitted out to be suitable for our technicians to complete their work. This includes fitment of air compressors and generators to provide power and compressed air for use on various power tools and paint guns, they will also provide a variety of shelving and storage options for keeping consumable items tidy.

To ensure our technicians are following recommended safety rules when completing jobs we provide a full assortment of personal protection equipment, including masks, goggles and coveralls to ensure the safety of our technicians.

Paint Vans

Revive! SMART Repair Paint Vans

Our paint vans are all supplied with a range of surface finishing technology that can smooth out even the heaviest of rough paint and filler. Revive! also supply our vans with power sanders to make our techs jobs just that little bit easier.

Paint allocations are supplied from a range of A brand companies to ensure technicians can match almost any manufacturer colour. The premium paint supplied in Revive! vans gives technicians the opportunity to provide the best possible manufacturer colour match for our customers.

Our technicians are all assigned a number of high-quality paint guns, that set the standard for spray finishing across the industry. Due to the variety in paint types and the versatility of spray guns, technicians will often carry multiple guns in the van at any one time.

The different jobs our paint vans are dispatched to on a daily basis require a wide selection of tools installed on the van, this includes a range of paint correction equipment that are used to remove minor scratches and swirl marks from our customers cars. Our vans are supplied with the full outlet of surface finishing products, including polishing compounds, applicators, microfibre cloths and rotary polishing machines. These individual products give our technicians the utility to use the best option for the job at hand and the ability to adapt to the conditions they are working in.

Wheel Vans

Revive! Alloy Wheel Vans

Revive! alloy wheel vans are uniquely equipped to combat any road rash, kerbing or alloy scraping you can think of. These vans are fitted with an assortment of specialist equipment to make technicians repairs go as smoothly as possible. Bead breakers allow easy removal of the tyre from the rim of the wheel, this lets the tech repair the very edge of the wheel without painting, sanding or filling the tyre. The alloy wheel vans are also fitted with a two-wheel spray booth with a specialist filtered extractor fan to allow the technician to repair the wheels in a dry environment and minimise the external dust and grime that could affect the paint finish.

Due to the different requirements of alloy wheels, our vans are supplied with specialist wheel paints, these purpose specific paints allow our technicians to support a variety of different wheel finishes, including matt, satin, gloss and shadow chrome to your wheels, alongside offering powder coating and colour change services in certain areas of the country.

Revive! alloy wheel vans are also fitted with the latest in lifting technology ensuring the safety of both our technicians and the customer vehicles when lifting is taking place.

Revive! Diamond Cut Vans

Our diamond cut vans are very similar to our conventional alloy wheel vans, which is to be expected, however, the Revive! diamond cut vans are fitted with a state of the art diamond cutting machine, designed to refinish wheels using a diamond cutting bit, the bit scrapes away the top level of material on a wheel, removing the damage and revealing a fresh level of metal beneath presenting a refreshed finish and an exciting result for our customers.

Rather than the double bay of the alloy wheel van the diamond cut van only has a single wheel spray booth, to make way for the diamond wheel cutter.

Revive! are consistently working with our partners, suppliers and technicians to continually develop and update our vans where necessary to allow our techs to provide the best possible service to our customers and present the ultimate in SMART repair solutions for our franchisees.

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