6th June 2024

The average UK vehicle is nine years old, give it a refresh with Revive!

According to current figures there are 41.4 million vehicles on UK roads currently, this ranges from classic automobiles that are dry stored for 11 months of the year all the way through to the latest supermini just rolling out of the showroom into the hands of its first owner. Recent data released from the SMMT announced that the average age of a car in the UK is nine years old, meaning drivers are preferring to stick with their 2015 models rather than upgrade to a more modern, fuel-efficient alternative.

28,362,143 UK vehicles are over 7 years old, making up 68.5% of all vehicles on UK roads. This presents a striking number of aging vehicles that will be starting to show their age, your vehicle is likely to be one of them. There are many reasons for the rising car age, this includes the ongoing cost of living crisis, increased running costs and the fact the motor industry is still recovering from COVID shutdowns and chip shortages.

It is to be expected that over the years every car will receive a few knocks and scrapes, especially with 30.7% of cars being more than 12 years old. With Revive!’s services you can help your car not only maintain its perfect paintwork, but also retain its value far longer than the average non-Revived model.

Employing a SMART repairer to transform your vehicle has proven to be significantly cheaper than sending your pride and joy to a conventional body shop, not to mention being entirely more convenient as our mobile repair technicians are able to perform SMART repairs right there on your doorstep while you wait.

When it comes to car body repairs, bumper scuffs, scratches and alloy wheel damage, Revive! are the repair specialists of choice for leading car manufacturers and dealerships across the UK. Our IMI accredited technicians will come to you to repair your vehicle at your home or workplace. We only need a safe area to work around the vehicle and access to a power socket. Using innovative repair techniques and industry-leading products, our technicians are able to repair cosmetic vehicle damage in a matter of hours, not days. You won’t be without your car when you need it most.

For more information about our services or to get your nine years old car revived get in touch with our team please visit: revive-uk.com/contact

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