27th February 2022

Revive! Welcomes Mental Health Specialist to Head Office

Recently, Revive! UK welcomed Claire Russell, CEO of Mental Health in Business (MHIB), to our head office in Rugby, Warwickshire to run a series of workshops for our employees.

Claire has had a corporate career spanning 20 years, having managed and directed businesses in the financial services sector since she was 20 years old. After facing a difficult period in her life, Claire underwent various training programs via Samaritans as well as First Aid England, with the goal of using her skills, knowledge and experience to help others and move towards a global shift in attitudes towards mental health.


Claire Russell, CEO of Mental Health in Business


At Revive! we believe it is important to create a culture that makes the health and well-being of our employees a priority. Claire ran three sessions at Revive! HQ over the course of six weeks:

  • Managing Stress & Avoiding Burnout
  • Managing Anxiety Through Change
  • How to Develop Mental Resilience


It was a pleasure to have Claire at our head office to share valuable insight with our staff, not only on how to cope with mental health challenges themselves but also how to recognise when others are struggling.


Revive! Managing Director (Finance & Operations), Terry Mullen, commented:

“At Revive! we have always put huge importance on the wellbeing of our team, both mental and physical. Mental health has become a more talked about topic since the start of the pandemic, and the anxiety and isolation this has created for many people.

“It is now more important than ever that we encourage our people to feel comfortable talking about their health and put measures in place to support anyone who is struggling.”


Revive! already offer mental health support to our employees, including five fully trained mental health first aiders among our head office staff, and an Employee Assistance Programme with a completely confidential 24-hour helpline.

Thanks again to Claire Russell for helping us continue to improve our employee support and develop a workplace culture that prioritises a strong healthy mind.

For more information about Revive!, please get in touch with our team here: revive-uk.com/contact/





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