17th January 2012

Revive! UK achieves record year for SMART repairs

Revive! UK achieves record year for Smart repairs 

Revive! Auto Innovations, pioneers of SMART repairs have just achieved a record year for sales in 2011. Despite the difficulties gripping the bodyshop sector, with numerous bodyshops closing and the UK’s ongoing economic difficulties, Revive! has continued to grow and prosper.

“There is no doubt that 2011 has been a difficult year for many businesses,” states Managing Director, Mark Llewellyn. “At Revive! however we have seen a further significant growth in sales as more people become familiar with the Revive! smart repair brand. Certainly the mild winter weather has helped greatly but the main reasons lie around some of the core values we have as a company and the expertise that our network has.”

Llewellyn puts the increase down to three key areas:

Smart Repairs Technical expertise

“No other mobile smart repairer can offer the technical quality we offer. The new cosmetic repair ATA is the standard now for professional smart repairers.”


Revive! represents the largest team of expert smart repairers in the UK.

Consistency of outstanding customer service 

All those involved in the Revive! team are passionate about delivering excellent service to our customers.”

The growth we have seen is because we car about our customers and in difficult times customers really want to focus on getting value for  money. At Revive! we deliver great service and fantastic value for money as our growth this year has demonstrated!”

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