15th September 2017

Revive! Basingstoke team drive Classic Skoda in Charity Rally

Basingstoke Business Drives Classic Skoda in Charity Rally

The team at Revive! Basingstoke has just come back from world’s largest charity car rally.

Owners of the Knight Park Road based specialist mobile vehicle paint repair company Michal Lepiarz and his partner Irmina Kowalska together with Irmina’s brother Kamil and friend Krzysiek raised over 400 euros for international orphanage charities in the Zlombol Rally driving their 1991 Skoda Favorit car nearly 6000 kilometres.

They travelled from Basingstoke to the start of the rally in Poland, then drove through the Czech Republic, Germany, and France before ending the rally in Spain.

It is the second year that Irmina and Michal have taken part in the rally where only cars designed or manufactured in the former Eastern Bloc can enter.

Explained Irmina: “We don’t really take part in any other rallies or competitions. We like this one because it gives us the opportunity to meet fascinating people who come from all different backgrounds and are taking part for thousands of different reasons. Two things we all have in common is helping children and enjoying time on the road together in our old cars.

“We had a great time and are relieved that Michal’s beloved Skoda withstood the challenge!”

Over 500 cars completed the week-long event and the total amount raised is expected to exceed the 250,000 euros achieved last year.


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