23rd May 2024

Repair costs catch young drivers by surprise

For many young people, turning 17 means one thing, driving! The opportunity at freedom, independence, and the open road. But alongside driving comes a long list of costs attributed to it, vast insurance premiums, MOT costs, Road tax, fuel and so much more for a teenagers bank account to take on. Recent figures released by Uswitch reveal that 38% of young drivers are not familiar with the cost of car tax, 25% are not aware they need to get car insurance, 54% of young drivers don’t know about the costs related to breakdown cover and a further 36% were unaware of MOT costs.

One of the costs that is often overlooked by many young people is repair costs. During their learning experience young drivers will often find themselves bumping and scratching their cars as they get to grips with close quarters driving, however, the cost to repair even minor damage such as scuffs and dents can be frightening. Recent research surveyed over 6,000 garages to review the average costs for various repairs on a vehicle when going to a professional bodyshop to complete the work. Revive!’s mobile SMART repair technicians can not only remove the hassle of being without your car while it’s in the bodyshop, but significantly reduce the costs incurred by the repair.

Panel Damage 1

Car Scratch Repair

Scratches are often one of the most infuriating repairs to have to go through, although less expensive than other repairs they are often not caused by the driver and are more likely caused by bushes, trees or people brushing the paintwork. The average repair cost for a minor scratch repair by a traditional bodyshop is dependent on the severity but costs between £60-£96 per panel. From a Revive! mobile repairer you could be looking at between £35-£81 based on our 2023 average prices and depending on the severity of the scratch.

However, when scratches penetrate deeper layers of the vehicle’s paintwork, and repainting becomes necessary, the cost for such repairs from conventional bodyshops is around £100-£300, whereas a Revive! repair could cost you between £95 and £235.

Car Bumper Repair Costs

Bumper repair costs tend to vary wildly due to the wide range of impacts they can take, from small corner scuffs, larger impacts and just general wear and tear as it copes with the deterioration of the UKs road surface. This leads to a wide range of pricing options when it comes to bodyshop repairs. Typically, a bodyshop will charge between £160 and £340 for a full bumper repair and respray, and the vehicle will be off the road for at least a day as they prep and paint the vehicle. Revive! on the other hand can come to you to perform the repair and have you back on the road in as little as four hours, all for the more competitive price of between £127 and £292.

car dent on the right-hand side of white car

Small Dent Repair Costs

Even a small minor dent can cause significant damage to the sale price of a car, not only ruining the clean lines but putting a hole in your profits as well. Depending on the size and location of the dent, the cost and difficulty of repairs can vary massively. On average a bodyshop will charge between £220 and £450 per panel, whereas our mobile IMI accredited repairers only charged between £126 and £411, significantly less than the less convenient bodyshops.

repaired alloy wheel at Revive! Chester

Car Alloy Wheel Repair Costs

Alloy wheel damage is one of the most infuriating things to occur on your vehicle, mostly because there is only one person to blame, the driver. Young drivers are more likely to scuff their alloys, particularly as they are practicing their dreaded manoeuvres such as parallel parking, not only can a kerb ruin a perfectly good driving test, but it can also take a chunk out of your alloys and your wallet. Typically alloy wheel repairs at conventional bodyshops and alloy wheel repair specialists can cost between £60 and £150 per wheel, depending on the finish and damage. A Revive! alloy wheel repair is not only available on your doorstep but costs between £54 and £114 per wheel, a significant discount over larger enterprises.

For any young drivers who may have taken a knock not only to their confidence but to their car as well, don’t worry that’s what Revive! are here for, it happens to everyone at some point.

For a more accurate quote on your specific damage, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help with a free no obligation quote for your repair. revive-uk.com/request-a-quote/

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