12th January 2018

New Years Car Resolutions

January is the month for making New Years resolutions – so why not add two car related pledges to your list? To get minor damage fixed as soon as possible and then regularly clean and inspect the vehicle to keep bodywork and wheels in their best condition.

Well presented bodywork and alloy wheels make a big difference to the re-sale value of a car, yet research shows that over 50% of today’s motorists are driving around in vehicles that have neglected minor damage.

Nip damage in the bud before rust and corrosion sets in. What may have started as a tiny scratch could become far more serious if not fixed promptly.

It’s a good idea too to wash your car and wheels regularly during this time of year when the gritters are out to minimise the risk of paintwork and wheels getting pitted or blemished by the salt and sand.  The chemicals used by local councils to make roads safer in icy conditions can find their way into damaged vehicle paintwork and speed up the rusting process.

It couldn’t be easier to get scuffs and scrapes fixed. Gone are the days when you had to take your car into a bodyshop for an inconvenient stay and costly insurance claim.

Simply call out your local Revive! mobile technician to carry out a high quality, fully guaranteed repair at a time and place to suit you in the New Years. Most jobs take just a couple of hours at a cost that’s far less than the average insurance policy excess.

For more information about Revive!, please get in touch with our team here.

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