4th April 2024

Maximise profits through ‘Revived’ cars

There are a range of well-known Dos and Don’ts when it comes to car sales, but you’d be surprised how many cars get advertised that don’t even reach the minimum standards. Of course, you want the car to be clean, tidy and photographed from as many angles as possible in a dry well-lit area. But then you have the next level of preparation, one that an increasing number of dealerships are opting for to maximise their profits from each car sale. Have your car revived by Revive! UK.

It is commonplace for cars to get into scrapes during their lifetime, any number of dings and dents can occur daily, either from careless parking, errant shopping trolleys or even just the careless actions of other drivers. However, when it comes to selling a car either privately or through a dealership many are leaving valuable profits on the table by not completing minor repairs that could significantly increase sales prices. Indeed, a new report from Fixter has found that 8.5 million UK drivers are avoiding necessary repairs due to the costs. This alarming figure means many vehicles when they come to be sold won’t be at the standard they could be. Employing Revive! to tidy up the exterior of your vehicle has the possibility to in some cases significantly increase your sales price.

To prove this, we investigated the top used car models sold in 2023 and explored the difference in price between a pristine car of the same age, spec, mileage and colour, the only difference being minor damage that could have been repaired by Revive! UK prior to sale.

technician completing car bodywork repair at Revive! Cambridge

Minor fixable damage can cost dealers thousands

First up we looked at the Mini Hatchback and found a 2016 petrol car with 36,000 miles and a minor scuff on the front bumper, this was on offer for £9,500. However, a fresh model with no damage with 38,248 miles (just a 6.2% difference) is on offer for £10,480, a difference of £980 and a 10% increase in sales price.

We then searched for a Volkswagen Golf with results showing that a 2014 1.4 TSi model with 49,750 miles and a dent on the wheel arch is on offer for £9,450. A clean car with no damage and 48,281 miles (3% difference) was for sale for £10,495, £1,045 (11%) more than the damaged model.

These levels of increased sales prices were mirrored through several different models including the Ford Focus, Nissan Juke and BMW 1-Series. There were however some examples where the sales price increase was truly impressive, and not due to overinflated dealership prices as expected.

Another of the bestselling used cars in 2023 was the Nissan Qashqai. We found a 2016 model with a dent in the front passenger door and only 33,000 miles, this was on offer for £9,000. A clean version of the Qashqai with 34,242 miles (3.7% difference) which was on offer for £10,995, an increase of £1,995 (22%) certainly not to be ignored.

One of the more popular used cars of 2023 was the Audi A3, a 2.0 TDI model with a badly scraped front bumper that could be quickly repaired by one of our technicians. This car with only 47,407 miles was on offer for £7,800. As for the pristine version of the A3, one with 46,239 miles (2.5% less) was up for sale for £12,800, a massive increase of £5,000 (64%) truly impressive numbers and clear evidence of the success a Revive! repair could have on the price of a vehicle.

That’s not all though, the bestselling used car in 2023 was the Ford Fiesta, with 308,017 cars selling in 2023 alone according to the SMMT. We found a 2014 Ecoboost model for sale with 50,000 miles on the clock and a small dent just above the rear wheel arch. This car was on offer for £3,100. The clean model we found in the same spec, colour and mileage of 49,900 (0.2% difference) was on offer for £6,494. That is a nice tidy sales increase of £3,394 (109%).

It may seem obvious that a car with no damage will sell for more than a dented, scraped or scuffed model. However, increasing a sale price by over 100% even on a budget model cannot be ignored. Ensuring a car is fully prepared for sale, has been cleaned thoroughly, photographed in detail and most importantly has been revived by Revive! UK will increase sales prices and more importantly increase profits.

For more information about our services or to get your car revived get in touch with our team please visit: revive-uk.com/contact

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