9th May 2024

How to get the most out of your repair? 

If you have booked your car in for a SMART repair, its certain you are one of the many dedicated car owners out there today, ensuring your car remains in optimum condition is an excellent way to retain the true value of a vehicle, long after your warranty has expired. Maintaining your car through routine SMART repairs is key in minimising the damage your car may suffer daily, be it a nasty scratch or a hefty bumper scuff, your car has seen it all.

But what are the best ways to prepare your car for our technician to get the best out of your repair and how can you retain the fantastic results once the technician has packed up the van and moved on to his next job. Well don’t worry because we are here to give you our top tips on getting the most out of your Revive! repair.


Before our technician arrives, it is always best to wash your car thoroughly paying particular attention to the damaged area or areas, taking care not to damage the car further. This is so any loose dirt and grime is removed from the damaged section leaving the affected parts as clean as possible. It is of prime importance that you do not apply any protective layers as wax or ceramic coatings as these will try to repel the paint as it lands on the vehicle damaging the quality of the finish.

Once our technician arrives, they will use a variety of degreasers and cleaners to further prepare the damaged area for sanding and paint.

In the case of alloy wheels it is important to wash any dirt and grime from your wheels. Using a strong iron decontamination spray will help to remove any iron deposits picked up from brake dust or road grime. It is also important to find your locking wheel nut key as the technician may need to remove the wheel from the car to complete the repair.


Following your repair, you should always follow our Aftercare guidelines which will guide you on how to care for your repair in the immediate future. For more details you can visit this previous story here.

After the recommended five to ten day waiting period has passed, you may return to washing your car as normal, however as a general rule, it is important not to use a jet washer that is too high pressure as this can still damage your paint. It is at this stage you can use an automotive wax or ceramic coating to provide a protective layer to your paintwork that will repel water, road grime and tree sap, whilst also retaining an attractive shine.

In the case of an alloy wheel repair, a strong jet of water from a pressure washer can in fact blast the repair off returning the wheel to its damaged state. When caring for your repaired alloy wheels it is better to wash them by hand with an uncapped hose to avoid causing further damage to the face or rim of the wheel. This additional care will help maintain your wheels repaired condition for as long as possible.

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