8th April 2016

Dealership Smart Repairs are finished!

Mobile paint repairs for used car preparation began in the UK in 1994 when customised vans would start working on dealer forecourts. From those early days using airbrushes and touching in stone chips the sector has evolved enormously where the products and processes allow professional, long lasting repairs. Coupled with a high quality service Smart Repairs can provide a cost effective and convenient route to used car prep.

Over the past 5 years or so, the evolution of a do it yourself product means that the number of Smart Repairers in the dealer market place has reduced as work has been taken in- house. At the same time existing Smart Repairers have had to step up both in terms of quality and service as the dealer desire to look in- house means that it is no longer suitable for repairers to just provide a used car solution.

Professional accreditation in the form of the IMI / ATA Cosmetic Repair means that there is a standard of workmanship that all professional repairers can aspire to and at the same time, external Smart Repairers have looked at how they can add further value to dealerships or dealer groups beyond just a simple repair.

Recent times have seen significant MI produced for dealers detailing the quantity and quality of work produced and service programmes that offer exciting revenue opportunities for dealerships.

It is clear that the Smart Repair market has evolved and that the dealer market is much harder for Smart Repairers to enter as dealers look in- house. At the same time Smart Repairers are stepping up their service to add more value to dealerships and dealer groups.

Dealer Smart Repairs are finished! Long live Smart Repairs!

Mark Llewellyn is Managing Director of Revive! the largest network of accredited Smart Repairers serving the Dealer market. For more information contact Revive!:


01788 569999


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