29th April 2016

Dealership Smart Repairs: the opportunity

Smart Repair services have consistently found a way into Used Car Prep ensuring cars are prepped prior to sale allowing them to either be sold faster or for more money, by presenting a clean car with no nicks, scuffs scrapes or dents.

The marketplace has evolved quite significantly over the past 20 years as mobile repairs in this form began in the mid – 90s and the development of products in the niche that has grown up to support the ever evolving car market.

But at times the services have not evolved and indeed nor has the pricing, with dealers at times seeming to be content with paying low money for an average service.

Added value services

However there is an opportunity for added value services working in conjunction with the dealership whereby all the SR or indeed minor repair needs can be accommodated using a high quality professional organisation.

Hassle free

A high quality SR company will take all the pain away from SR. The optional set days or ad- hoc visits can be coupled with a national solution so that any vehicle anywhere in the country can be repaired within 48 hours. So if you deliver a car and it gets damaged on the way neither you or your customer need to worry. We can repair on site and take the pain and anxiety out of bodyshop costs or the return of the vehicle to the dealership to get fixed.

High quality repairs

There is no longer any need to settle for low quality repairs – cheap and cheerful shouldn’t really be in the vocabulary of multi million pound dealerships. And there really is no reason now with accreditation available for professional repairers to demonstrate the differentiation in the marketplace. The IMIs Cosmetic repair accreditation allows professional repairers to highlight the difference and A brand paints and processes will provide durable long lasting quality repairs. There is no need to cut corners and the difference in price will be smaller than you think. The difference in service can be significant!

High quality service

Our view on a quality service is one that is collaborative with the dealership – adding value means that there is little requirement for management and as a priority customer we will pull out all the stops when we need to support you with emergencies. More than that we aim to provide a SR solution to your customers as a new opportunity for both increased customer satisfaction and increased revenue to the dealership.


The days of the cheap and cheerful Smart Repairers are coming to an end. The marketplace has evolved and now SR are required to add far more value to a dealership. We can do this through:

Hassle free added value service

A new opportunity for retail customers

High quality repair and service

Little to no management time

It’s time for Smart Repairs to step up! For more information on Smart Repair solutions please contact dealersolutions@revive-uk.com or call 0800 056 2999.

For more information about Revive!, please get in touch with our team here.

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