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Key Scratch Repairs


Key scratches are very common forms of damage for Revive!. This can lead to rusting if the damage is not tended to. So firstly, make sure you are tending to your scuffs and scratches as rusting brings about a whole new level of problems.

Single panel repairs are no problem for Revive!’s experts however multiple panel repairs can become a bit more tricky. Our ability to provide a multiple panel repair usually depends on the colour of the car or the extent of damage as with a mobile workshop there are limitations on the scale of work which can be undertaken. Multiple panel repairs are part of Revive!’s SPR Smart service, our most advanced level of repair.

Your local technician will always assess the damage first and will advise on whether it is something achievable on a mobile basis. Revive! technicians will never take on a repair if they are not completely confident that they can achieve a customer’s expectations.

What should you do if Revive!, can’t repair your damage?

Generally if a repair can’t be achieved by Revive! it will have to be taken to a bodyshop. If you are unsure of a credible bodyshop in your local area, ask your local Revive! technician, they will usually be able to refer you to a reputable one.

Revive! repair techniques

In order to repair the damage, the damaged area is partitioned off from the rest of the car. Smart repairs only focus on painting the damaged area, not the whole panel which leads to a cost saving for the customer. The damaged area is sanded back and then treated with a special purpose primer following which the area is then painted and lacquered and left to dry with the aid of Revive!’s specialist mobile equipment.

How much will it cost?

Revive! believe in fair pricing. We price on the severity of the damage, the size of the panel and the amount of time it will take to complete the repair. Your local Revive! technician will always quote you before beginning the work.