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Car Scratch Repair

Car Scratch Repair

Understanding More About Car Scratch Repairs

A scratched car can be very frustrating for the owner and it can also lead to rusting too. That is why here at Revive! we advise you to get your scratches sorted out quickly and by a professional.

Scratches can be sustained in all manner of ways but here are some of the most common forms which we have come across:

  • Country road driving – scratches sustained by bushes and hedges
  • Keyed cars
  • Car washes
  • Scratches to and near door handles from jewellery

We know it can be most frustrating when your car gets a scratch, but don’t worry, Revive! experts are on hand to give your car that former sparkle it once had.

Car Scratch Repair Example

Car Scratch Repair Examples

Severity of Scratch

The severity of the scratch is very important when Revive! is concerned as the repair technique used is dependent on the extent of the damage. If a scratch is severe i.e. if it is a deep scratch, this will require a paint repair and possibly filler depending on the extent.

Finer scratches can sometimes be rectified with Revive’s specialist equipment and innovative flat and polishing techniques. Needless to say the more severe the damage the more it will cost to be repaired.

For a rule of thumb, if you run your nail down across the scratch your nail will either glide over it fairly easily or it will catch. Usually if you finger nail catches this would be classed as a deep scratch repair. Please bear in mind this is just a general rule.

Repairing Scratches

When repairing a deep scratch the damaged area is prepared, flatted, treated with primer, painted, and then lacquered. After drying the area is then given a specialist polish which gives it back its former sparkle.

However fine scratches can sometimes be polished out using specialist polishing abrasives and a 3 stage polish. The look of the damage can be improved by up to 90% without the need to paint.


There is not a one price fits all approach with Revive!, we believe in fair pricing. There can be differences in the severity of a scratch and therefore the time taken to repair the damage can vary. But your local Revive! technician will assess the damage first and then price on the damage depending upon the severity.

You can rest assured that Revive! deliver an expert repair time after time with accredited technicians nationwide. We are that confident in our service that we offer all of our customers a lifetime ownership guarantee on all of our bodywork repairs.