8th May 2018

What’s Your Car Called?

Do you give your vehicles a name? AA research shows that four out of ten (39%) motorists have!

Half of women drivers and one in seven men adopt a pet name for their car.

The colour of the vehicle is often the inspiration for both sexes when it comes to car names. Men tend to stick to the basic colour and add a powerful prefix such as Big Blue whilst women often name their car to match its colour giving rise to Daffodil, Bluebell, and Ruby. Metallic colours enhance this further creating Sparkle, Goldie or Stardust.

With thousands of different vehicle paint hues now available the options for names are limitless!

But whatever your car is called, when Captain Cartastic, Rosie, or Glitter Bug gets a scratch or scuff you can rely on your local Revive! technician to carry out the perfect paint repair. We only use top quality professional automotive paints and our sophisticated colour matching technology ensures the exact match.

For more information about Revive!, please get in touch with our team here.

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