15th April 2019

Your car is twice as likely to get hit in a supermarket car park

New research by Which? has revealed that your car is twice as likely to get hit in a supermarket car park, compared to a shopping-centre car park.

At some point we all park and leave our cars whether that be to do our weekly supermarket shop, drop the kids off to school or simply parking outside our own home. What we don’t expect is to come back to find our vehicles have been scratched, scuffed or even hit.

According to a new survey carried out by Which? over a third of motorists have had their car hit whilst parked. 48% of people have had their cars hit in some form of car park, 35% in a residential street and 10% in a non-residential street.

We wrote an article last month announcing that one-in-seven people wouldn’t stop to leave their details if they dented another car while parking, meaning too many of us are left to deal with the repair ourselves.

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