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Testing times for Revive! sponsored Andrew Jordan

Andrew Jordan and his new MG are part way through testing before the start of the 2015 BTCC season and Revive! caught up with their driver to find out how the testing was going and how Jordan feels about the new car.

Revive!: “So Andrew, after the secrecy before the Autosport show how does it feel to be finally out testing the car?”

AJ: “It’s been great to finally get into the car after all the talking around the change. The first session last Wednesday at Thurxton felt good and we managed to get some good wet and dry running time – the car feels quick and the lap times were encouraging. Personally I like the Thurxton circuit having been on pole there for the past three years or so and it feels good.”

Revive!: “The testing started at Brands Hatch. How did that go for you?”

AJ: “Brands was pretty damp and to a certain extent it was a new start having run with a Honda for 3 years. At Brands I felt that I was fighting with the car a little – but by Thurxton it felt good and I felt at home with both the car and the circuit.”

Revive!: “How are you fitting in with the new team 888?”

AJ: “The guys are great. Of course I still have my no 1 mechanic who has come across to the team and I have worked with some of the guys before back at Vauxhall. But we have a really constructive conversation about the tweaks we need to make to squeeze out the best times and I have a lot of trust in the engineers who know what to look for. There is some real effort going in to develop the car.”

Revive!: Who do you think will be the real challengers for the title in 2015?

AJ: “Well as you will be aware there are a number of changes within the front runners. I’m sure that the Hondas with Sheddon and Jackson will be there or thereabouts. Andrew Priaulx has joined WSR and will drive a BMW and is sure to be a threat as a three time World Champion. As will last year’s Winner and runner Up Turkington and Plato who race together this year at Team BMR Volkswagen.”

Revive!: “What do you see is the important factor to ensure you challenge for the title once again?”

AJ: “The key for me is to find the consistency that we had in 2013 and not only to be quick but to find that consistency that we had. Of course the car needs to be quick – but it is massively important to be consistent. Only 3 people have ever finished all 30 races and I was on course to do that in 2013 until the penultimate race! But I can’t wait to get going – but we have a couple more sets of testing before Media Day and the launch of the season on 24th March and then the season gets underway with the first race on 5th April.”

It sounds like things are really tuning up for Andrew and his new MG in the midsts of the fast approaching 2015 championship. With brands hatch now just around the corner, it sounds like Andrew will be ready and raring on the grid.

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