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Revive Testimonials Vicky

I had a small scrape on my car bumper after someone had kindly gone into the back of it and drove off. I’ve only had the car 2months so I was pretty gutted when it happened.

This happened on Wednesday morning and I was contacted quickly to arranged a repair date with your team. The advisors who dealt with my calls where very helpful and friendly. I decided to have the repair done at my work address so was transferred to your Preston team to arrange when would be suitable. I thought I might have to wait to get this sorted as it wasn’t a big job but to my surprise you were able to come to me the next day.

Johnny the technician who carried out the repair was extremely helpful and friendly in his approach and talked me through the options available to me. I decided to try a touch up on the paint to see how it looked as it was just a small patch. I left Johnny to it and continued with my work. Once finished he called to say my car was ready. He had tried the touch up and wasn’t happy with the result and had went with the re-spray instead. It’s great to see someone taking so much pride in their work to get it right and not just trying to do the easy option.

I honestly can’t tell the difference of where the repair has been done as the paintwork has been matched perfectly and the finish is fantastic! I don’t normally fill in feedback but the service today and the quality of the work made me feel it was necessary. Thank you to Johnny for a great job, I would be more than happy to recommend you based on the service received today.

Vicky -