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Revive Testimonials Mark Amess

On 23rd April 2018 James came all the way to the middle of nowhere, namely Old Leake. The booked job was to refurb, or at least do what he could, with the two front alloys on my Lexus IS250. James promptly set up his equipment and got on with wheel removal, leaving me free to get on with my work. After he had been working industriously on a rather badly kerbed wheel, with a bad case of lacquer peel James came to find me and told me that unfortunately the condition of that wheel – and in all probability the other when he moved on to that one – would not allow him to do a full refurbishment to the standards of Revive. The wheels are 12 years old and, prior to my purchase of the car, appear to have been quickly and poorly painted and lacquered in the past and would now require media blasting and total refurbishment to regain a factory-look finish. Notwithstanding, James assured me that he would do the best he could with the wheels in their existing state and would repair the kerbing damage and obtain the best finish given the alloys’ condition. As a result the final invoice was discounted to reflect the fact that the work, whilst extremely well done to an amateur’s eye, fell short of the high standards Revive worked to. James had worked with some sub-standard wheels (probably not for the first time!) and made a massive visual improvement in their appearance and matched them against the undamaged rear wheels. I am extremely pleased with James’s work and he showed himself to be a thoroughly professional, courteous and skilled craftsman.


Many thanks,


Mark Amess


Mark Amess -