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Revive Testimonials Kim Ellis

Russ I just wanted to extend appreciation for Anthony’s work on the car, and your accommodation of the pricing (and I’m truly very appreciative of that), he’s working diligently on the car and from what I’ve observed it’s going to be a great job and a body shop repair but at my premises. I can see easily that your business deserves reciprocation from a delighted customer and I know I’ll be that when Anthony completes the work (he drinks little tea and is a credit to you •_) and I’ll be happy to give as many as contacts as possible details of what you can do. We’ve 97 staff with family and friends so hopefully that will get you repeat business. I’m more than happy to be a testimonial customer if you’d appreciate that and again, please receive my huge appreciation for addressing my matter so quickly. Best regards to your continued success

Kim Ellis -