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Revive! repair minor damage to bodywork and alloys in the West London area from our specially adapted SMART repair vans. Our repairs cost less than traditional bodyshops and are done at a convenient location.



Social Distancing for Revive! COVID- safe Repairs

Our technicians have been issued strict guidelines to adhere to when carrying out repairs.

We come to you – no travel/no fuss - Stay safe

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What Happens Next?

Once you’ve sent us a quote request, we'll be in touch to give you a no obligation quote based on the damage that needs repairing.

When we get the go ahead, our mobile technician will agree a time and place that is convenient to carry out your repair. Most repairs take 2-3 hours so you’ll be back on the road in no time at all. And, following your repair, you'll get a Lifetime Ownership Guarantee.


About Revive West London

Revive! West London is a mobile car paint repair company that fits around you. Whatever your schedule, we can carry out our repairs on your doorstop so you don’t have to be without your vehicle when you most need it. Our team of SMART repair technicians has a proven track record in producing first-class, seamless results.

We have full experience in Smart repairs, and specialise in bumper scuff repairs, paint scratches, and alloy wheel refurbishments throughout the areas of West London, Ealing, Twickenham, Brentford, Chiswick, Richmond, Fulham, Putney, Hampton, Kensington, Acton, Hanwell, Teddington, Shepherds Bush, Park Royal and Chelsea.

We are trained to the highest Motor Industry Standards and repairs are guaranteed for your life ownership of the vehicle.

Bumper Scuff Repair West London

Bumper scuffs can be irritating and unsightly, usually caused by parking damage or low speed bumps with another vehicle that can ultimately affect the resale value of a vehicle. In the past, a bumper replacement or full re-spray would’ve been the only solution. Thanks to developments in technology, we are able to repair the damage within a few hours. Using our colour-match technology we will match the exact colour of paint to your bumper resulting in immaculate results.

Paint Scratch Repair West London

Scratches to your car door can be very frustrating and are usually a result of carelessness or vandalism. In the past, people had little or no incentive to get scratches repaired due to costs and inconvenience. This could then lead to further more chronic problems such as rust or corrosion. Using the latest technology and techniques we can fix the damaged area and have your vehicle back on the road within a few hours.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishments West London

Alloy wheels can be a great finishing touch to a car giving it a prestigious feel, so receiving scuffs or scrapes to your alloys can be a real annoyance. Not only does it affect the aesthetics of the vehicle, but it can also bring down the resale value too. Your alloy wheels can be repaired, colour matched and restored to their former glory in no time at all.

Detailing Services West London

A wide range of professional detailing services, appreciating that each car is as individual as the owner themselves. The following is a selection of some of the more popular services offered, neatly packaged, and ready for you to choose.  If you have a special request or maybe want to add something that you can’t see below, just ask, it’s as simple as calling 07760 335 037. Revive! West London focuses on the preparation, perfection and protection of your car’s surfaces.  Having spent years researching and testing, Revive! West London brings you the products and services that will deliver the best results. Revive! West London is 100% mobile, normally completing all of the following services within one working day (however long that may be), producing outstanding results with minimum inconvenience.

Requirements: access to water (a hosepipe point is ideal), electric and a safe off-road place to work during the day.



“Let’s wipe the slate clean. Revive! West London Cleanse +Protect provides a deep down clean, including a comprehensive three step decontamination process, whilst avoiding the use of aggressive cleaners.  This detail aims to produce a smooth as glass finish that is protected with a quality paint sealant, revealing great looks that are minimal effort to maintain!”


“Because ‘new’ should be without faults. Revive! West London thinks your new car deserves the very best levels of protection, providing you another choice over the main dealer offerings.  Revive! West London takes the very best care when professionally preparing your new car; removing contaminants and minor defects incurred during transit, before applying protection that represents real value for money.”


“A step closer to perfection. Revive! West London Enhancement services are designed to restore swirled, stained & marred paint back to its former glory.  Using professional machine polishing, and the highest quality polishes, Revive! West London can work its magic by gently removing years of damage to reveal your paints true lustrous potential!”


“You’re not the only one in need of a winter coat. For your car’s surfaces, winter presents the biggest challenge they will face all year!  Lashings of rain, dirt, snow, ice and corrosive road salts will attempt to erode your car’s protective layers and stain its surfaces.  As the layers of dirt build up and the salts attack your paint, some maybe put off from washing their car due to horrid weather, while others may rush the job and cause swirling and scratching.  Revive! West London can get your car prepared and protected so that its surfaces stand up to the brutal treatment and remain cleaner for longer meaningless blue fingers!”


“Because your car deserves only the very best protection. All of Revive! West London services include a choice of complimentary sealants, but we’re all entitled to demand a little more from time to time! Luckily Revive! West London offer’s a great range of amazing long term coatings to protect your car’s surfaces and is fully accredited in their application too.  These coatings include things like hydrophobic, oleophobic, nanotechnology, lotus effect, and SiO2 – in fact, the only thing they don’t have is black magic, but that’s because it doesn’t exist, of course.”