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  1. Revive! sponsored Andrew Jordan signs with WSR and Team BMW for 2020 BTCC Season

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    After Pirtek, his primary sponsor, pulled out in 2019, Revive! sponsored Andrew Jordan was expected to bow out of the British Touring Car Championship in 2020.

    However, due to his success in 2019 and legacy as one of the best to ever race in the BTCC with the 2013 championship and 26 career race wins under his belt, Andrew has secured a deal to remain on the British Touring Car Championship grid as part of an expanded three-car Team BMW squad in 2020.

    Andrew said, “There was a very real chance that I would have had to consider a programme doing something outside of the BTCC in 2020, which is not really what I wanted. But now all my plans are firmed up, I feel great about the season ahead.”

    Jordan has been tipped to shine in 2020 by WSR team boss Dick Bennetts, who said that winter developments to the 330i M Sport should make it an even more competitive proposition in 2020.

    Bennetts said: “AJ is one of the finest BTCC drivers not just of the current crop, but of this whole generation, and he showed incredible determination and fighting spirit this year to turn what could have been a complete loss after the Donington incident into a final-round battle for the championship.

    “With Colin, Tom and now AJ forming a three-pronged line-up and a BMW 330i M Sport that is undergoing a development programme during the winter, we have one of, if not the strongest line-ups in recent BTCC seasons and a car to challenge for more championships.”

  2. Reconditioning cars slows used car turnaround

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    Feedback from a dealer sentiment survey carried out by Mannheim shows that only 19% of car dealerships are able to get newly-sourced stock on sale within two days.

    The majority (42%) of dealers get new stock on sale within 3-4 days, but 10% reported a turnaround time of nine or more days.

    Of those surveyed, 85% said that time taken to complete reconditioning work is the biggest delaying factor in getting a vehicle on sale.

    Philip Nothard, Customer Insight & Strategy Director for Manheim, said: “We know that margins are under pressure, with almost half (48%) of the dealers we surveyed reporting a year-on-year margin decline. These pressures, coupled with a competitive wholesale market, mean that retailers are managing costs extremely carefully. One strategy is to buy lower grade vehicles, or keep hold of part-exchange stock and recondition it before putting it on sale.”

    Taking time to recondition used cars can have a hidden cost. Research from Cap HPI suggests that a standard used family hatchback like a Ford Focus can depreciate by an average of £7 per day, a hidden cost of £28 per car if it takes an average of four days to list a vehicle.

    “It’s worth being aware of this hidden cost because there are ways to mitigate it,” Nothard added. “It goes without saying that a reliable reconditioning partner is a must for dealers that don’t have in-house reconditioning facilities.”

    Revive! have over 20-years of experience working with car dealerships and we truly understand the challenges and opportunities within this marketplace.

    In today’s competitive world it’s all about customer service and managing costs. Revive! has the experience and know how to help dealerships improve used car prep standards and boost customer loyalty without reducing margins.

    Whether you need a technician on site each week for used car prep or want to increase your revenue stream by offering an added value minor paint repair service to customers, Revive! can work with you to develop the best solution for your business.

    For more information on how your dealership can benefit from our solutions, call us on 0800 056 2999 or email

  3. Revive! raise funds for The Franchise Trust

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    Twelve members of our Head Office team took to cycling as many miles as they could throughout August as part of this year’s Great British Franchise Cycle (GBFC).

    The challenge was organised by The Franchising Centre, HSBC and the bfa to raise money for The Franchise Trust as well as promoting franchising in local communities.

    The Franchise Trust is an independent charity that aims to help disadvantaged individuals due to financial hardship, age, gender, disability, social circumstance and develop their knowledge, skills and capabilities in business.

    Nine teams took part across the franchising sector and collectively raised £2340 for The Franchise Trust which is fantastic.

    To celebrate the success of the challenge, key representatives from each team attended a Velodrome experience day at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester last week.  The day gave teams the opportunity to cycle on the velodrome track, listen to the GB cycling team talk about being a professional as well as hearing which franchise cycled the most miles.


    Louise, Accounts Manager from Revive! attended the Velodrome experience day ‘It was such a good day. Very nerve racking going around the track but so glad I did it and want to do it again. I’ll definitely get the miles in when we do the cycle challenge next year!’

    Revive! cycled an impressive 1325 miles (2132km) in total, putting us in a reputable 5th position – 448 behind the bfa in P4.


    With the value of unity always in the team’s mind, Revive! did their best to cycle as many miles as they could both on and off the road and in the gym and to have ranked third for the most money raised is a fantastic achievement.

  4. 12 Months and 4000 Reviews on Trustpilot

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    September marks one year since Revive! signed up to the review platform, Trustpilot.

    We hit 4,000 reviews on Trustpilot over the weekend, which was the perfect way to celebrate our first 12 months on the platform.

    We are absolutely delighted and to have 97% of our 4,000 reviews rated Excellent or Great confirms that we are fully committed to providing all our customers Outstanding Customer Service, Technical Excellence and Integrity.

    Below are just a few of the amazing reviews our customers have chosen to leave us….



    Trustpilot Review - Csenge Szekely (Revive! UK)


    Trustpilot Review - Andy (UK)


    If your vehicle is in need of a cosmetic repair, click or tap here to find your local Revive! technician and get a free no obligation quote today!

  5. Leave your repair to the experts!

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    When it comes to carrying out bodywork repairs on our motor vehicles it is a job best left to the experts.

    But as a nation of DIY enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that many of us will attempt to do the job ourselves, sometimes with quite disastrous results!

    While bodywork repairs can often appear simpler than other types of car maintenance, they tend to be more complicated in the long run. How many of us have tried pulling out a dent with the sink plunger only to make the problem worse? Or touch up a scratch with the wrong colour T-cut?

    Tackling a paint touch-up yourself can lead to more problems because painting over existing car paint with a different type can lead to a reaction and blistering, leaving your bodywork in a worse state than when you started.

    Take this novel approach to fixing what appears to be a badly damaged rear bumper and wing:

    Revive image 1 (002)

    It looks to be a combination of duct tape and papier-mâché holding this Honda Accord together!

    Or what about this home paint job:

    Revive image 2 (002)

    We can’t help but wonder if they thought it might just have been a good paint match when they started, and then when they realised it wasn’t, added some go-faster flames for ironic effect!

    Or how about this driver who seems to have given up trying to hide the fact his car’s bodywork needs some serious attention and has made a feature of it instead:

    Revive image 3 (002)

    According to a survey carried out for the website Money Saving Heroes, almost 40% of have-a-go-at-home car repairers have ended up taking their car to a professional to correct their mistakes. And leaving what may seem a minor scratch alone can be even worse. Besides the look of your car being compromised – a key consideration if you are looking to sell your vehicle – dents and scratches left untreated will eventually lead to further paint damage and rusting.

    As well as the dent in the paintwork, ignoring bodywork damage can leave a hefty dent in your bank balance with a re-spray costing on average just over £800.

    So next time you get a scuff or scrape contact us, the experts in repairing minor vehicle damage!

    Simply, click here to request your quote with your nearest technician.

    We work with the highest quality products to ensure a durable finish for your car paint repair and we are the only SMART organisation to run an ongoing accreditation programme for our repair technicians, ensuring professional standards and exceptional customer care every time.

  6. Can scientists predict the colour of cars?

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    Have you ever been driving along only to pass five of the same coloured cars in a row? Or find yourself parked in between two cars the identical colour to yours at the supermarket?

    Well, it might be more than just a coincidence. It could be down to some very clever scientists having predicted colour trends based on human behaviour.

    Despite a car having numerous different functions for a buyer to choose from like engine efficiency, braking stability and nifty gadgets such as cruise control and sat-nav, it’s a car’s colour that very often seals the deal.

    Colour choice is largely driven by our behaviour and it is this human behaviour that researchers dedicate many hours and many thousands of pounds delving into.

    For example, in 2022 it is highly likely that if you live in America you will end up buying a car in a deep blue hue called Atomium Sky. That’s because researchers working for BASF, a leading supplier of automotive paint, have tracked our growing interest in space travel and all things astronomy related and predict that this will be a key influence on our colour choices.

    Here in the UK we seem to be a bit more reserved with shades of grey being the current market leader. Last year 21% of all cars sold in the UK were grey. Black held the top spot in 2017 and for the four years before that it was a complete white-out!

    We’ve not chosen blue cars as our favourite since before the turn of the millennium, so BASF’s research would suggest we can look forward to seeing some brighter colours back on our roads.

    While the greys that currently dominate don’t really inspire much creativity – anthracite, cool grey and slate are never really going to set your imagination on fire – there are some quite incredible car colour names that are guaranteed to turn heads.

    Take for example Racing Yellow Tincoat, a factory colour designed by Chevrolet for the Corvette Stingray, or the adorably cute Latte Menta seen on many Fiat 500s. This creamy pistachio colour would make it hard to lose your car in the multi-storey.

    But our all-time favourite has to be Miami Blue, an eye-popping azure hue created by Porsche for its 911 Carrera 4S. And because so few rolled off the production line in that colour, they have become coveted collector’s items.

    Whether you are a play-it-safe grey or a sunglasses-needed daffodil yellow motorist, Revive! is the trusted choice for paint repairs. Using top quality professional automotive paints and stat-of-the-art colour matching technology we guarantee a top-notch service for your pride and joy.

  7. Revive! reach 3000 Reviews on Trustpilot

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    We are absolutely delighted to have hit 3,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Reviews and customer feedback are incredibly important to us and to have 97% of our 3,000 reviews rated Excellent or Great re-affirms our commitment to our values of Outstanding Customer Service, Technical Excellence and Integrity.

    Our Marketing Manager recently took part in a webinar with Trustpilot to explain how important reviews are to us.

    If you’d like to listen, you can do so by clicking below:


  8. Celebrating 25 Years in SMART Repair

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    In addition to remembering the heroism of the allied forces in Normandy, our very own Managing Director, Mark Llewellyn has another special reason to mark the date of 6th June 2019. He is celebrating 25 years in SMART repair.

    A quarter of a century ago, Mark set up his first SMART repair business in Rugby working out of a Peugeot van with a mismatch of equipment adapted from other industries to carry out the latest techniques.

    Now he leads a multi-million-pound business that has been key in establishing SMART repair as a top-quality alternative to the traditional bodyshop.

    The business was part of a Canadian company, but Mark led a management buy-out 15 years ago along with his then bank manager and now joint Managing Director, Terry Mullen.

    “Because it was the fiftieth anniversary of D-Day when I started my own business, it’s always an easy date to remember. The years have gone by very quickly and it’s hard to believe it is now 25 years ago.”

    “In 2019 SMART repair is now a professional and established repair method, but back in the 1990s it was dominated by one-man bands with little or no formal training, often regarded as ‘cowboys’. There was none of the specialist equipment that we have now. I used air brushes from the world of graphic design, weighing scales from laboratories and had to make my own adaptations to bodyshop equipment!”

    “Delivering high quality work and high quality service has always been important to me, which is why Revive! set up our own training academy very early on and then worked with like-minded organisations alongside the IMI to drive up standards and introduce the accreditations now in place for SMART repairers.”

    Today Revive! UK has 60 franchisees, over 180 technicians on the road and several static sites all supported by over 60-people from the Rugby based head office.

    If your vehicle is in need of a cosmetic repair, click or tap here to find your local Revive! technician and get a free no obligation quote today!

  9. Revive! achieve Gold Investors in People status

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    We have been awarded Gold status in the Investors in People (IIP) accreditation following a recent IIP re-assessment.

    Only 16% of all companies holding IIP status achieve Gold status which puts us in the top tier nationwide.

    We were accredited as an Investor in People in 2015, however under the IIP framework companies must be re-assessed in following years to ensure policies and procedures are still in place.

    In his report the assessor from Investors in People, Central England, Bob Morrison said: “We are delighted to award Investors in People Gold accreditation to Revive UK Ltd. This is a remarkable achievement that reflects the commitment to continuous improvement since the first accreditation.

    “The assessment revealed an organisation that has continued at pace to evolve and develop a cohesive set of policies and procedures for managing and developing people including greater devolution of leadership, improved levels of engagement and embedding a clear set of values based upon the existing high-performance ethos.”

    Revive! was established in 2004 and since then we have placed great emphasis on recruiting and developing the best people for our business. Customers include car dealerships, fleet management companies, insurers and the general public and last year the company was named BFA/HSBC Franchisor of the Year in the support category.

    Commenting on the award, joint managing director Terry Mullen said: “We are delighted to be assessed as Gold standard. Our continuing business success is entirely due to the brilliant team we have here. For us, achieving Gold status reflects our ongoing commitment to nurturing a culture and working environment which brings out the best in each individual. Our Revive! core values and goals are shared by head office staff and our franchisees across the UK and our training and development programme has been designed to give them the tools they need to support and grow our business.”

    We have 60 franchisees, with 181 technicians on the road, all supported by a 50-people strong Rugby based head office team.

    If your vehicle is in need of a cosmetic repair, click or tap here to find your local Revive! technician and get a free no obligation quote today!

  10. Revive! refurbished 2CV and world’s smallest food truck gets a rebrand

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    Last year Revive! were asked to help transform a 35-year-old 2CV into a state-of-the-art mobile kitchen – referred to as Dolly.

    Rob Latham, a senior Revive! technician took on the exciting project and removed Dolly’s original wheels and cleaned, prepped and sprayed each wheel to match the wrap supplied by 3M wraps.

    Fast forward a year following her grand unveiling by helicopter and Dolly has undergone a rebrand.


    Andrew Mellon, the man behind the 2CV vision announced early this week that Dolly has had some exciting new concepts added.

    ‘New for 2019 are our three concept bars, including our Dolly 37 Small Batch Gin Bar, the Best of British Bar and just recently confirmation that Hampshire based, Raimes English Sparkling will be having a bar built on board to house an English Sparkling Bar on board Dolly.’

    The new concepts aim to keep the 2CV design icon in the public eye past her 70th birthday and has already got 23 bookings for the remainder of 2019. Events include London Food Tech Week, LEtapeUK – Tour de France Cycling Event and Polo at Windsor.

    Revive! are proud to have helped transform Dolly and to see her still on the road now as a mobile bar and state-of-the-art food truck is brilliant. We can’t wait to follow her on her new adventures via social media as she hosts a number of public and private events across the country.

    To read more on the type of events Dolly caters for, check out her new website

    If your alloy wheels are in need of an refurb, we have over 180 technicians nationwide that will carry out repairs at a place convenient to you from our specially adapted vans.

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  11. Revive! UK’s Charity Challenge Raises over £1,300

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    Our Managing Director Mark Llewellyn challenged himself to run 5k everyday throughout April to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

    We’re proud to announce that Mark completed his grueling challenge and covered over 150 miles in his final running distance!

    As his job takes him all over the UK visiting our Revive! franchisees and suppliers, Mark made sure he packed his trainers and running gear wherever he went across the country.

    “As a company giving back is very important to us, and to date we have raised over £25,000 for children’s cancer charities and Motor Neurone Disease Association.

    I have always enjoyed running and am back into it again after a couple of years out because of injuries. After running a few 10k runs on my own I thought how could I challenge myself and potentially raise money for the MNDA too? I came up with the idea of a repetitive challenge that would mean I had to be focused and well organised whilst challenging me both mentally and physically.

    The thought of running 5K isn’t scary, but 5K every day needed serious planning. I did park runs on Saturday mornings with the family and really enjoyed the variety of running all over the country on what I called my 305K30D challenge.”

    A former professional rugby player, Mark’s final run was in Rugby and ended at the iconic rugby ball statue:

    Mark's charity challenge (5)2

    So far he has raised nearly £1,300 and donations can still be made via Mark’s JustGiving page:

    “I ran for MNDA because a good friend and the brother of my business partner has unfortunately contracted Motor Neurone’s disease; a disease that affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord and eventually leads to the weakening and eventual wasting of the muscles. It’s a terrible disease particularly for someone like Kev who was a professional sportsman being a really good rugby league player in his younger days.

    I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far. Anything we can do to support the research into this terrible disease would be fantastic.”


  12. Managing Director named in AGP Club’s 40 Women of Influence

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    The Auto Body Professionals Club (ABP Club) is the leading industry resource for the UK Body Repair Industry with over 2,500 members from all sectors of the industry.

    Women of Influence is a brand new event from the ABP Club to celebrate inclusion and advancement and to encourage more women into the body repair industry by highlighting the diverse range of roles that women hold.

    ABP Club asked their members to provide a list of women that they felt were influencing the industry and then the ABP Club team selected the 40 that they believe have the greatest influence.

    We are delighted to announce that Terry Mullen, Managing Director (Finance & Operations) at Revive! UK, was selected in the 40 Women of Influence for her impact on the body repair industry.


    The full list can be seen here.